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                                                           Etowah Council 12826


    Your gift to the Knights of Columbus, Etowah Council 12826 will help us respond to the many charity programs we sponsor.  Please consider making your donation now by mail or online.


Make a yearly one time donation online by clicking the Donate button below
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If you subscribe, your donation will be automatically charged by PayPal to your Credit Card every year starting on the day you subscribe.

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            By Check

Donate by Postal Service

Send your check for $50.00 per flag per year (do not send cash through the mail)
along with this completed form to:

Knights of Columbus
Etowah Council 12826
P.O. Box 0732.
Holly Springs, GA 30142

Thank you for your support of the charitable goals of our Council.  Email us with questions at the below address. We are pleased to assist you.